4.9/5 Stars

5 Reasons Why ReadyRESCUE™ brings peace of mind to every pet parent

The vital at-home tool for pet poisoning emergencies


Rapid Response

1. Rapid Response

with ReadyRESCUE™ on hand, you're equipped for those critical moments after your pet ingests a harmful substance. administer immediately to combat toxins before they enter the bloodstream, then promptly consult your vet for further guidance.


2. Peace of Mind

for Pet Parents

Peace of Mind

for Pet Parents

even if you’re unsure about what your pet ingested, ReadyRESCUE™ is safe to administer as a safety net for all those “just in case” moments, providing you with the peace of mind every pet parent deserves.

4.9/5 Stars (144 Reviews)


ReadyRESCUE™ is an at-home lifesaver for dogs and cats, quickly absorbing toxins from unexpected ingestions. this emergency aid offers peace of mind, reducing harm and buying crucial time before a vet visit.


1 Box


$45 per vial

treats up to 90 lbs

up to 90 lbs

3 Boxes


$40 per vial

treats up to 270 lbs

up to 270 lbs

5 Boxes


$36 per vial

treats up to 450 lbs

up to 450 lbs



Key Claims


Usage Instructions


Broad-Spectrum Detox

3. Broad-Spectrum Detox

from chocolates and grapes to human medications, ReadyRESCUE™ combats a wide array of common household toxins that pets might accidentally consume.



Formula at Home

4. Veterinary-Grade Formula at Home

using synthetic charcoal technology crafted by a veterinary surgeon, ReadyRESCUE™ offers a potent solution that’s stronger than the most commonly used hospital-grade detoxifiers.

4.9 Stars

Join thousands of pet parents in leveling up their pet safety

“Such a great product!!! Easily mixes into my pup's food/water. Luckily I haven't need to use this product yet, but Ready Rescue gives our family peace of mind that we are prepared in case of an emergency!! It's also great to have on hand for dog sitter.”

Kyle M.

“What sets this product apart is its ease of use. The straightforward instructions made it simple for me to administer the detox to Luna, and she had no issues taking it. The fact that it worked effortlessly without causing any additional stress or discomfort for my dog was a huge relief. Not only did Dr. Cuddles' Ready Rescue Pet Detox save us from unnecessary vet visits, but it also saved Luna's life. I cannot express how grateful I am to have had this product on hand when we needed it most.”

Michelle Togliatti

“I don't know about you, but my dog is like a super-speed vaccuum cleaner and will eat anything that falls on the ground within seconds. Having ReadyRESCUE on hand makes me feel so much safer knowing that I can do something to help. My dog is smaller, so I was able to use a bit of one vial to mix in with different food to see what combination he'd like best when I need him to eat it- a great suggestion!”

Ben H.


Prevention > Cure

5. Prevention > Cure

the cost of a vet visit without the prior use of ReadyRESCUE™ would be nearly double. preventing poison absorption before it wreaks havoc is much more affordable than treating it.

ReadyRESCUE™ vs. Hydrogen Peroxide

minutes to
start working

impact on pet

how it works


pet discomfort




1-2 mins

binds toxins after eaten preventing absorption

nearly 100%

0 mins of added discomfort


Hydrogen Peroxide

15 mins

irritates stomach lining to induce vomiting

60% successful vomiting bringing up only 45% of toxin

45 mins of added discomfort

esophageal burns and stricture; aspiration pneumonia;
failure to remove toxin

administering ReadyRESCUE™


act fast

immediately administer if

ingestion of a toxic substance is

suspected > ReadyRESCUE™ is

safe even if you determine your

pet did not eat anything toxic!



give the amount of ReadyRESCUE™

that corresponds to the weight of your

pet with a small amount of water, pet

food or a palatable treat like peanut

butter. make sure your pet consumes

all of the ReadyRESCUE™


investigate toxin

investigate the

ingestion further to

determine if your pet

ate something toxic.


follow up

if you determine your pet did

consume something toxic,

contact poison control or your

vet to determine if additional

care is necessary

Product Features:



ReadyRESCUE™ comes in 30g glass vials, making it easy to store, administer, and travel with.

More powerful than

the market alternative

Our formula is 6x more effective by volume and is optimized for easier administration at home without the potential of stopping up the GI tract.

First of its kind


ReadyRESCUE™ is setting a new standard in pet safety. Our solution harnesses the power of activated carbon to swiftly counteract toxins, bridging the gap between unforeseen ingestions and expert vet attention.