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Emergency kit bundle (limited holiday bundle)

Introducing our limited holiday edition bundle: the ultimate gift for pet parents! It combines our complete Heal-at-Home line—Wound Gel, Ear Care+, Eye Flush— with our best-selling ReadyRESCUE™. Perfect for keeping furry friends healthy and happy, it's the gift pet parents actually need this holiday season (at a price that can’t be beat!)

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🩺 Heal-at-home eye flush

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celebrate the season by spoiling your furry family member with our limited edition bundle – the ultimate holiday gift for every devoted pet parent! this bundle combines the full heal-at-home line with our top-selling and life-saving ReadyRESCUE™. it includes our soothing wound gel for minor cuts and scrapes, our ear care+ to keep those playful ears (and facial folds!) clean and germ free, and our comforting eye flush for crystal-clear, irritation-free vision. ReadyRESCUE™ is an essential safeguard for unexpected ingestions, ensuring your pet's safety during the festive season and beyond. gift this bundle to any pet parent (you included!) to make 2024 the happiest and healthiest year yet for your pet.


Activated Carbon Spheres are 99.9% Pure Carbon

Heal-at-home Wound Gel
Ionized water, sodium chloride, hypochlorous acid 0.02%, hypochlorite ion

Heal-at-home Eye Flush
Electrolyzed Water, Sodium Chloride, Hypochlorous Acid 0.01%, Phosphates, Sodium Hypochlorite

Heal-at-home Ear Care+
Electrolyzed Water, Sodium Chloride, Hypochlorous Acid 0.02%, Phosphates, Sodium Hypochlorite


three 30 gram vials per package, each treating 30lbs of animals (for a total of 90 lbs per box)

Heal-at-home Wound Gel
4 oz

Heal-at-home Eye Flush
4 oz.

Heal-at-home Ear Care+
8 oz.

Usage instructions

ReadyRESCUE™ -
when to use:
use ReadyRESCUE™ immediately if you suspect your pet has ingested a potentially toxic substance. it's designed to neutralize a broad spectrum of organic toxins. when in doubt, it's better to administer ReadyRESCUE™™, as it's safe to use even if poisoning didn't occur.

how to use:
identify your pet's weight: this will determine the amount of ReadyRESCUE™ required.
measure the dose: For pets 15 lbs or less, use ½ vial. for pets between 16-30 lbs, use 1 vial. for pets between 31-60 lbs, use 2 vials. for pets between 61-90 lbs, use 3 vials. for pets above 91 lbs, use 5 vials.
mix ReadyRESCUE™: combine the required amount of ReadyRESCUE™ with a small amount of pet food, drinking water, or a palatable substitute like peanut butter. ensure the mixture is well-blended.
administer ReadyRESCUE™: feed your pet the mixture, making sure they consume the entire dose.

what to do after using:
monitor your pet: keep a close eye on your pet's behavior and physical symptoms.
contact your vet or pet poisoning resource: inform your vet immediately, providing all details about the suspected poisoning and ReadyRESCUE™ administration. include details like the type and amount of poison consumed, the time it was consumed, and the amount and time of ReadyRESCUE™ treatment. they will confirm if additional care is necessary.
collect a sample: if possible, collect a sample of what your pet ingested. this can assist your vet in determining the best course of action.

Heal-at-home Wound Gel -
Using hair clippers, remove any hair from the wound area. This is an important step especially if your pet is a fluffy one, as hair can trap debris and allow bacteria to grow.
Saturate the irritated area with Dr. Cuddles Heal-at-Home Wound Gel.
If dressing is required, saturate the wound with Dr. Cuddles Heal-at-Home Wound Gel first, then apply the dressing directly over the wound. Be sure the dressing is applied with its edges extending beyond the wound margins to keep the area clean and covered. Repeat these steps as needed, applying 1-5 times daily for effective wound management.

Heal-at-home Eye Flush -
use for cleaning and disinfecting your pet's eyes and surrounding tissues
use to remove dirt, debris, discharge, chlorine and soothe irritated or painful eyes
use to clean tear stains to leave the fur surrounding the eye clean and free of the yeast and bacteria that lead to discoloration.
use to control issues caused by allergies, mucous, pollen, dust and other irritants
use to treat pink eye or conjunctivitis

shake well before use
adjust dropper nozzle flow
use non-dominant hand to hold the eye open, while you flush the affected eye gently with Heal-at-home eye flush.
flushing can be repeated 3-4 times per day to maintain comfort, remove the debris, or until the inciting condition is no longer visible.
wipe the excess flush away from the area around the eye, do not wipe the eye itself.
given gentle nature, no rinsing is necessary.
for tear staining, apply liberally to the affected area and wipe with a gentle wash cloth (alternatively apply liberally to cloth and wipe the affected area).
continue to wipe gently until staining or mucus is gone or greatly reduced.
repeat 2 times per day until fur discoloration has returned to normal.
use for severely damaged corneas should be under veterinary supervision.

Heal-at-home Ear Care+ -
use for cleaning and disinfecting your pets ears to kill bacteria, viruses, yeast and fungi
use to clean facial folds for breeds like pugs, frenchies, and bulldogs.
use to reduce ear and face odors.
use to soothe irritated and inflamed ear tissue, skin and fur, reducing discomfort and pain.
use to preventively fend against future ear infections, especially after a day of swimming or playing in the mud.

Directions: Ear Cleaning
shake well before use
hold the tip of the ear and spray product into the ear canal, filling it completely.
put the bottle down and massage the vertical ear canal (the firm structure leading from the ear opening to the floor approximately 1-3 cm).
you may notice debris coming up out of the ear opening. Step back and let your pet shake their head to remove the excess fluid and dislodged debris.
clean the opening of the ear canal with a clean dry washcloth.
repeat if there was a large amount of debris until the ear canal is clean.
use several times a day as needed.

Directions: Facial Fold Cleaning
shake well before use
spray product to saturate the area of skin and fur where there is a yeast like (bad) smell or yellow orange discoloration.
wipe area clean with a clean washcloth.
alternatively, you can saturate a clean washcloth with heal-at-home ear care+ and use moistened washcloth to clean the affected area.
repeat as needed.
for significantly affected areas, we recommend daily cleansing for 5 days, then use as needed.
for very inflamed areas (red and tender, typically with some hair loss), be gentle when wiping to prevent removal of external layers of skin or causing sore.
when cleaning areas that are infected due to poor air circulation like skin folds, we recommend drying the areas very well after to prevent regrowth of yeast, fungi and bacteria.

the gift that your pets actually need this holiday season:

ReadyRESCUE™ explainer

our vet crafted heal-at-home line is a must-have for every pet medicine
cabinet. made with hypochlorous acid, this line supports your pet’s immune
system by stimulating collagen production helping them heal faster with
less potential for infection. no burning, no toxins, and no discomfort.

rapid response:

ReadyRESCUE™ works fast
to counteract any harmful
substance during those
critical moment after your
pet ingests something

peace of mind:

ReadyRESCUE™ is safe to
administer for all those
“just in case” moments,
providing you with the
kind of peace of mind you
can’t put a price on.

broad-spectrum detox:

from chocolates to medications, ReadyRESCUE™ combats a wide array of common household toxins that pets might accidentally consume.

veterinary-grade formula at home:

this charcoal technology was crafted by Dr. Cuddles founder, a veterinary surgeon, to create a solution that’s even stronger than hospital-grade detoxifiers.

prevention > cure:

the cost of a vet visit without the prior use of ReadyRESCUE™ could be more than double. preventing poison absorption before it wreaks havoc is much more affordable than treating it.

with the heal-at-home trio, you can feel prepared for any pet pitfall.
soothe wounds, refresh eyes, and cleanse ears with our vet-crafted formulas.


heal-at-home eye ush


heal-at-home eye ush

safe, even in cases where no intoxication occurred:

  • completely safe for ‘what if’ situations
  • 99.9% pure
  • made from 95% carbon
  • non-toxic
  • veterinary crafted
  • hospital grade
Hydrogen Peroxide
minutes to start working
1-2 mins
15 mins
impact on pet
how it works
binds toxins after eaten preventing absorption
irritates stomach lining to induce vomiting
nearly 100%
60% successful vomiting bringing up only 45% of toxin
pet discomfort
0 mins of added discomfort
45 mins of added discomfort
potential complications
esophageal burns and stricture; aspiration pneumonia; failure to remove toxin
humane approach


ReadyRESCUE™ is a pet-friendly, activated carbon sphere solution designed to prevent absorption by the body of toxins that have been ingested. if your pet is suspected to have ingested a potentially harmful substance, and is not exhibiting clinical signs, administer ReadyRESCUE™ immediately.

ReadyRESCUE™ is effective on a broad-spectrum of common household toxins like chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, moldy food, household plants, ibuprofen, human medications, over-the-counter medications, THC and recreational drugs, cleaning supplies, rodenticides, insecticides, herbicides and more.

yes, ReadyRESCUE™ shouldn't be administered if the toxin doesn't bind to activated charcoal (e.g., if it is an alcohol) or if your pet's condition contradicts its use, such as with loss of consciousness, GI obstruction, or compromised airway. always consult a vet or poison control center if you have questions.
Toxins that are poorly bound by ReadyRESCUE™ include: alcohols, heavy metals, xylitol, ethylene glycol (antifreeze), salt toxicosis, corrosive substances (bleach, drain cleaner, detergents, battery acids, rust removers), hydrocarbons (turpentine, gasoline, motor oil, paint thinner, etc), electrolytes, organophosphate insecticides and certain pharmaceuticals (e.g., antipsychotic and the antidepressant bupropion)

signs of intoxication vary greatly based on the substance that is ingested. they can include: seizures, sleepiness, loss of consciousness, vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, acting drunk or inappropriately, and bruising or bleeding.

both ReadyRESCUE™ and AC serve the same purpose - to bind to toxins preventing absorption by your pet's body. ReadyRESCUE™, however, is 6x more effective by volume and is optimized for easier administration at home without the mess and without the potential of stopping up the GI tract.

determine the dosage based on your pet's weight directed on packaging. mix the required amount of ReadyRESCUE™ with pet food, water, or a palatable substitute and make sure your pet consumes it all.

monitor your pet closely and immediately contact your vet or a poison control group for additional guidance - providing all details about the suspected poisoning and treatment. if possible, collect a sample of the ingested substance or the box for your vet, as this can help confirm the active ingredient and the concentration - both of which are needed to determine whether your pet is still in danger.

while it's most effective immediately after ingestion, ReadyRESCUE™ can still be beneficial up to 6 hours post-ingestion, especially with extended-release toxicants or those undergoing enterohepatic recirculation.

in certain situations like continuous absorption, massive intoxications, or with slow-release toxicants, multidose administration may be recommended. however, consult your vet to determine the appropriate regimen.

ReadyRESCUE™ is formulated specifically for pets, and while activated charcoal is generally safe, it should not be given to children unless under medical supervision. if your child accidentally ingests ReadyRESCUE™, consult a healthcare professional immediately.

if your child ingests ReadyRESCUE™, contact a healthcare professional or poison control center immediately. although activated charcoal is not typically harmful, medical advice is necessary to ensure your child's safety.

ReadyRESCUE™ packaging includes a dosage chart based on your pet's weight. ensure you've given the correct amount according to this chart. if your pet's condition doesn't improve, or if it worsens, contact your vet or a poison control center immediately. this dosing chart can also be viewed in the imagery above.

ReadyRESCUE™ is safe up to 4x the normal dose. after this, your pet could experience some gastrointestinal upset or distress. if you observe any abnormal behavior, immediately contact your vet or an animal poison control center.

if your pet refuses to ingest ReadyRESCUE™ when mixed with food or water, you could try mixing it with a favorite treat or a palatable substitute. if your pet still refuses, contact your vet immediately for advice.

as it is ideal to administer ReadyRESCUE™ before your pet is acting abnormally, it will be difficult to recognize whether it “worked”. if your pet does not exhibit any long-term effects of the toxin, with or without veterinary treatment, then our goal was achieved. remember, due to the variability of toxins and their effects, it's always recommended to consult with your vet or a poison control center even after administering ReadyRESCUE™.

even if your pet appears to be better after administering ReadyRESCUE™, it's still essential to get them evaluated by a vet. always contact your vet so they can provide a comprehensive assessment and ensure no further treatment is necessary.

if you discover that your pet didn't ingest a toxin after administering ReadyRESCUE™, you are completely safe! no additional steps are required.

once the toxin binds to the activated charcoal in ReadyRESCUE™, it is unable to be absorbed into your pets blood stream by your pet's body. this carbon-toxin complex then travels through the gastrointestinal tract and is eventually eliminated in the feces.

yes, ReadyRESCUE™ is suitable for use in cats, as well as dogs. cats can be a little more finicky than dogs, so you may have to get creative with what you add to the carbon to get them to eat it. as with all pets, be sure to follow the provided dosage chart according to your pet's weight.

Heal-at-home wound gel is non-toxic and safe for your pet to ingest should they give a few curious licks. Our formula is low concentrate and each administered dose is too small to cause any harm to your pet. We only recommend an Elizabethian collar after gel application so that the gel can work its magic and heal your pet as fast as possible.

Heal-at-home wound gell is biodegradable and an environmentally safe solution. Once deactivated, it turns into saline.

• Acute and chronic wounds
• Partial and full-thickness wounds
• Stage I-IV pressure injuries
• Pre and post-surgical procedures
• Dermatoses
• Urine and fecal scalding
• Hot spots
• Trauma wounds
• 1st and 2nd degree burns
• Abrasions and minor irritations of the skin

Hypochlorous acid is a weak acid that occurs naturally in our bodies' immune system. It's used in many medical applications due to its powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, and it's safe to use on pets.

The hypochlorous acid in the eye flush effectively cleans the eye and surrounding tissue by gently removing foreign bodies and debris, reducing inflammation, and fighting off harmful bacteria, yeast, fungi and viruses, aiding in the healing process.

Yes, Heal-at-home eye flush is safe and effective for use on both dogs and cats.

Our eye flush is designed to be gentle and non-irritating. However, if your pet shows any signs of discomfort, please discontinue use and consult a vet.

Unless otherwise directed by a vet, you can use our eye flush up to 5 times daily until the issue is resolved or until you are able to get veterinary care.

While primarily designed for treating eye issues, the eye flush can also be used as a preventative measure, particularly in breeds prone to eye problems or around events that typically might cause eye irritation (such as swimming in swimming pools).

Yes, the ingredients in the eye flush are non-toxic. However, it's intended for external use only. If ingested in large quantities, please consult your vet.

If your pet's condition doesn't improve or worsens after using the eye flush, discontinue use and seek immediate veterinary care.

Like most products, Heal-at-home eye flush has an expiration date (which is 3 years from the manufacture date). Please refer to the packaging for the specific date. Importantly, should the product be expired there is no concerns for it transforming into a dangerous substance. Expired solution will have less than the desired concentration of active ingredient.

While Heal-at-home eye flush is typically safe to use with other medications, it's always best to consult your vet before doing so to avoid potential interactions. In general you should not use this medication after an ointment or other medication is put in the eye as it will effectively wash out the treatment. Use before instilling medication is safe however.

Heal-at-home ear care + is a natural, safe ear flush for dogs and cats, using the power of hypochlorous acid to clean, soothe, and protect your pet's ears.

Hypochlorous acid has powerful antimicrobial properties, which help combat harmful bacteria, yeast, and fungi. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help soothe irritated or inflamed ears.

Unless otherwise directed by your vet, you can use the ear flush 2 times daily for cleaning, or more often if your pet has a current ear infection or other inflammatory issue.

Yes, our Heal-at-home ear care + is suitable and safe for both cats and dogs.

The formula is designed to be gentle on your pet's ears. However, if you notice any signs of discomfort, please stop using the product and consult with your vet.

Yes, the ingredients in Heal-at-home ear care + are non-toxic. But remember, it's designed for external use only. If your pet ingests a large quantity, consult your vet.

If your pet's condition worsens or doesn't improve after a few days, discontinue use and seek immediate veterinary care.

Absolutely! Regular use of the Heal-at-home ear care + can help keep your pet's ears clean and reduce the risk of infections. This is especially true after activities or exercises (such as swimming in ponds or getting super muddy) that historically have pre-existed an ear infection.

While it's generally safe to use with other medications, we would recommend that the ear flush be used before any medications are applied that are meant to stay in the ear canal to exert their effect (e.g., antibiotics or steroids).

Heal-at-home Ear Care+ is good for three years after the manufacturing date. Please refer to the packaging for the specific expiration date. It's important to store the product as directed to maintain its effectiveness. Importantly, should the product be expired there is no concerns for it transforming into a dangerous substance. Expired solution will have less than the desired concentration of active ingredient.

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