Everything You Need to Know About Pet Dry Shampoo

Everything You Need to Know About Pet Dry Shampoo

Dr.Mat Glassman
Last updated: July 11, 2021


Great news, pet parents! Puppy grooming just got a lot easier. Because let’s face it. While we adore our furry friends, they can get into some sticky (and stinky) situations. 

It’s unlikely you’d fully wash your pet every time they check out a kitchen spill, dig up buried “treasure,” or return from a walk. Plus, over-bathing can strip their skin of natural oils—and their coat of its regular shine. Not to mention the itching and flaking potential that comes with too many baths. 

So what’s the solution to keeping pets nice and clean—without overdoing it?

Dry shampoo for pets! You heard us right. We made a grooming gamechanger. And we’re ready to answer all your questions about it. Check out the video here for "How does pet dry shampoo works!" for starter!


What Is It?

Imagine a quick but effective cleanse without the post-bath shake. We bottled this fresh idea to make your life easier and your pet’s coat glossier. It’s called Dr. Cuddles Everyday Foaming Pet Dry Shampoo

Think of it like you would your own human dry shampoo. No rinsing or toweling off required. Just a few sprays between washes will keep your furry favorite looking and smelling sweet—with some ultra simple, spa-like magic. And a healthy dose of science.

Our tropical-scented solution combines floral (Gerbera daisy) and citrus (star fruit) notes without overwhelming your nose. In fact, we’re pretty sure you’ll love breathing in this “signature scent” every day!


Is It Safe for Sensitive Skin?

You bet! Our foaming puppy and kitty shampoo is a human-grade formula fit for the most sensitive skins. And made with hand-picked, all-natural ingredients you can feel good about. Dr. Cuddles’ own vet specialists oversaw its creation—every step of the way.

You won’t find palm oil, parabens, PEGs, sulphates, or artificial dyes in our products. Only quality ingredients backed by scientific research and our devotion to your pet’s health and hygiene. 

How Does It Work?

The puppy shampoo’s natural botanicals, deodorants, and other carefully chosen ingredients soak up oil and dirt from pet fur and skin. If we had to “choose our fighters,” we’d pick the antimicrobials (kill viruses and bacteria). They’re the same ones surgeons use to prep patients for an operation, so you know they get the job done.

We took care of including the best ingredients in our pet dry shampoo. All you have to do is massage a few foamy pumps into your pet’s coat, and voila! They’re runway, road trip, or catnap ready. (No judgement here.) 

When Can I Use It?

The name’s no lie! You can use this grooming hero every day if you want. Apply after walks, pet playdates, long car rides, and of course, those messier moments. 

Where Should I Store It?

Wherever you’ll use it! We recommend buying a few bottles of the dog dry shampoo, so you can cover all your bases. Toss one in your to-go bag or car for quick touch-ups. Store another next to your own dry shampoo, so you can twin with your pet while getting ready. Even gift a bottle to a friend whose fur baby could use a glow up. 

Where Can I Order?

We’re so glad you asked! Head to our website to shop the Everyday Foaming Pet Dry Shampoo and other pet wellness and grooming products. We guarantee tail-wagging results!


Dr. Mathieu Glassman, VMD & DACVS
Co-founder of Dr.Cuddles
Chief of Surgery at Friendship Animal Hospital
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