Our Mission

Let's do better by our pets

I love animals more than anything. That's probably why I spent so many years as a veterinary specialist. But over the years spent at the operating table, I noticed some things that absolutely need to change.

Clinics are crowded, vets are overloaded, and pets can't get treatment fast enough. Pet parents are left with no choice but to travel far, pay unnecessary pet bills, or buy products online that don't have credibility or scientific rationale behind them.

But why has this happened?  

Because as pet parents, you're not shown how to recognize or care for your pet's needs. In fact, you're beholden to vets for everything.

That's why we're changing how pet care can work. We're creating vet-approved products and resources that take the mystery out of pet care. Day by day, we're giving parents the confidence to improve life for their animals, and themselves.

Plus, with every purchase of Dr. Cuddles, we donate 5% of proceeds to rescue animal medical care, including supplies and surgeries.

We're so glad you've decided to join us on our journey. Grab the leash and some treats, you'll want to bring your pet along on this one, too.


Dr. Mathieu Glassman, VMD, DACVS, MBA, Founder & CEO