Our Mission
Let's do better by our pets
With both the expertise and true love for pets fueling our mission, we have set out to revolutionize the way that pet owners (like you!) take care of their pets. We take petcare seriously, listening to your exact needs so that we can create innovative solutions that deliver effective results and a lifestyle that you’ve long been searching for. We’re so glad you decided to join us.

Dear Pet Parent - 

Up until recently, my work was and always had been on the operating room table. That’s what I’ve trained for, worked for, and created a practice out of. On the operating table, I’m able to do my life-fulfilling work- easing the fear of both a pet and pet parent, while setting these animals on the road to recovery. Stepping away from that fulfillment to start a business meant my “why” needed to be powerful. My “why” needed to far surpass the joy I get from treating pets everyday. I needed to have the belief that Dr. Cuddles would help even more pets and pet families than I could as a practicing veterinary surgeon. I started Dr. Cuddles to amplify my ability to affect change in pet’s and pet-parent’s lives. The change that needed to happen was a fundamental improvement in the way we care for our pets. 

Simply put, the pet care industry has not provided pet owners with a safe way to care for their pets themselves. Fortunately and unfortunately, I’ve taken a front row seat to this reality. There is a tremendous inability for pet owners to provide even the most basic care for their pets when they are sick. With each moment of required care, they juggle their options between traveling to the vet and enduring potentially unnecessary vet bills or internet products backed with little credibility and even less scientific rationale. As a result, pet owners are beholden to veterinarians for absolutely everything, from a broken nail to an upset stomach. Can you imagine a world where every time you had an upset stomach, you went to the emergency room?- the strain on the human healthcare system, from all of these unnecessary visits would shut it down. When confronted with life’s minor bumps and bruises, most people look to the pharmacy or other home care options before going to the doctor- it is time that pet-care caught up to human health care in this respect.

I created Dr. Cuddles as a means to empower, enable and support pet parents through accomplishing several goals.  

  • First, to provide best-in-class pet care products that pet parents do not need to vet to death (pardon the pun) before choosing.
  • Second, to provide pet parents with trusted, research-based information about their animals that is up to date and considered state of the art when it comes to veterinary care. 
  • Third, to celebrate our pets and give them the attention that they deserve when it comes to keeping them happy and healthy, and getting them better when they are sick. 

Dr. Cuddles was created to right a wrong, and change the perception that animal care is less important than human care. Dr. Cuddles was started to give you, the pet parent, the information we as veterinarians have when we consider taking care of our pets at home. (I promise you we are not rushing out to the hospital everytime our pets have a little diarrhea or itchiness.)

With your help and support, we will make Dr. Cuddles a comprehensive pet parent brand that takes the mystery out of caring for your pet. From medicated topical treatments, to emergency care products, to over-the-counter medications, Dr. Cuddles will become the one stop shop for your pet whenever they are in need. It’s time for premium pet care to become the only pet care.

Dr. Mathieu Glassman, VMD, DACVS, MBA, Founder & CEO