Best seller

Smell-No-More Box

Made up of our Foaming Dry Shampoo, Pawfect Gloss™ Bubble Shampoo and Dental Spray, our best selling bundle addresses all your pet’s grooming needs with a simple daily routine.

No nonsense. All vet sense.

Dr.Cuddles is the first pet brand focused on creating medicated pet hygiene and wellness products that deliver visible results, led and overseen by a panel of vet specialists.

100% Nontoxic
Made by vets. Loved by pets.

Pet care made smarter.

Our products are designed to bring innovative solutions and human-grade quality into your home.

Dermatologist Tested
Pet Parent Approved

The heart behind it all...

“After working with thousands of pets over the years, I created Dr.Cuddles as a means to empower, enable and support pet parents. At Dr.Cuddles we seek to provide not only best-in-class products that pet parents can trust, but also to provide them with accurate, research-based education from top veterinary specialists.”

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