Best of both worlds

Dr. Cuddles Grooming Duo

Made up of our Everyday Foaming Dry Shampoo and Pawfect Gloss ™ Bubble Shampoo, our best-selling duo kit addresses your pet’s main grooming needs with an easy daily routine.

Our mission

No nonsense. Just solutions.

Meet your pet's first beauty brand! It’s time to activate a new pet care routine. Our products are designed to give you the ultimate peace of mind, inviting innovative solutions and human-grade quality into your home.

100% Nontoxic

The Dr. Cuddles Routine


Our shampoo makes bathtime easy and relax. Be sure to get behind the ears!


Brush out the fur with our gentle hair styler, tangles and all.


Use our signature dry shampoo for extra glossy fur. It’s perfect for on-the-go touch ups.


Eliminate bad breath with a quick dose of our dental spray. Don’t worry - it’s tasty.

Backed by vets. Loved by pets.

Your pet’s wellness isn’t just a trend.

Dr. Cuddles is one of the first pet brands focused on creating medicated pet cleaning and wellness products that deliver visible results.

Dermatologist Tested
Pet Parent Approved

Here’s what pet parents are saying…

we love Dr.Cuddles Foaming Dry Shampoo

Never smelled better!

We all love how the shampoo works and the smell is awesome. Oreo smells like a million bucks. We will definitely spread the word to our fur friends.

Carlos C.

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