No nonsense. All vet sense.

Dr. Cuddles is the first pet care brand focused on creating comprehensive pet first aid and hygiene solutions that deliver visible results, led and overseen by a panel of vet specialists.

veterinary specialist led
100% non-toxic
best selling hygiene

Dr. Cuddles
smell-no-more box

made up of our Foaming dry shampoo, Pawfect gloss™ bubble shampoo and Shiny teeth dental spray, our best selling hygiene bundle addresses all your pet’s grooming needs with a simple daily routine.
Made by vets. Loved by pets.

Pet care made smarter.

we're the first pet brand focused on creating medicated hygiene and first aid products of human-grade quality. our team of vet specialists lead the way in pet innovation, so you can are like a vet in your own home.

vet designed
dermatologist tested
pet parent approved

The heart behind it all

"Pet parents are beholden to vets for everything, from a broken nail to an upset stomach. Can you imagine a world where every time you had an upset stomach, you went to the emergency room? Dr. Cuddles was created to give you access to the information vets have about at-home pet care. So everyone can care with confidence."

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