rapid response:

ReadyRESCUE™ works fast to
counteract any harmful
substance during those
critical moment after your pet
ingests something harmful.

peace of mind:

ReadyRESCUE™ is safe to
administer for all those “just in
case” moments, providing you
with the kind of peace of mind
you can’t put a price on.

broad-spectrum detox:

from chocolates to medications,
ReadyRESCUE™ combats a wide
array of common household
toxins that pets might
accidentally consume.

veterinary-grade formula at home:

this charcoal technology was
crafted by Dr. Cuddles founder, a
veterinary surgeon, to create a
solution that’s even stronger than hospital-grade detoxifiers.

prevention > cure:

the cost of a vet visit without the prior
use of ReadyRESCUE™ could be more
than double. preventing poison
absorption before it wreaks havoc is
much more affordable than treating it.