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Heal-at-home first aid kit

your streamlined solution for daily pet care and maintenance is here! this bundle combines our three essential Heal-at-Home products into one convenient, high-quality case! With this in your pet medicine cabinet, your pet will receive the best care for their ears, eyes, and any minor scrapes or cuts they might encounter along the way.

inside your kit:
🐾 Heal-at-Home Wound Gel: Soothes and heals minor cuts and scrapes, speeding up your pet's recovery with gentle care.
🐾 Heal-at-Home Eye Flush: Offers no-sting, clear vision, ensuring your pet's eyes are protected from debris and discomfort.
🐾 Heal-at-Home Ear Care+: Keeps playful ears and cute facial folds clean, dry, and germ-free, preventing common ear issues before they start.

plus, exclusive extras:
🐾 a durable, zippered carrying case for easy storage and transport.
🐾 two microfiber towels that are perfect for gentle cleaning and drying.

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our pets can be unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean our care routine has to be. with the well-being of our furry friends constantly top of mind, we’ve bundled our three essential Heal-at-Home products into one, convenient kit. this includes our soothing Heal-at-Home Wound Gel for quick care of minor cuts and scrapes, our gentle Heal-at-Home Eye Flush to clear away irritants and maintain clear vision, and our effective Heal-at-Home Ear Care+ for keeping those sensitive ears clean and infection-free. housed in a zippered case along with two soft microfiber towels, this bundle is the ultimate toolkit for proactive pet parents, offering peace of mind and simplifying your pet care routine.


Heal-at-home Wound Gel:
- ionized water, sodium chloride, hypochlorous acid 0.02%, hypochlorite ion
Heal-at-home Eye Flush:
- electrolyzed water, sodium chloride, hypochlorous acid 0.01%, phosphates, sodium hypochlorite
Heal-at-home Ear Care+:
- electrolyzed water, sodium chloride, hypochlorous acid 0.02%, phosphates, sodium hypochlorite


Heal-at-Home Wound Gel: 4 oz
Heal-at-Home Eye Flush: 4 oz
Heal-at-Home Ear Care+: 8 oz

Usage instructions

Heal-at-Home Wound Gel:
- using hair clippers, remove any hair from the wound area. this is an important step especially if your pet is a fluffy one, as hair can trap debris and allow bacteria to grow.
- saturate the irritated area with dr. cuddles heal-at-home wound gel.
- if dressing is required, saturate the wound with dr. cuddles heal-at-home wound gel first, then apply the dressing directly over the wound. be sure the dressing is applied with its edges extending beyond the wound margins to keep the area clean and covered. repeat these steps as needed, applying 1-5 times daily for effective wound management.

Heal-at-Home Eye Flush:
- shake well before use. adjust dropper nozzle flow
- use non-dominant hand to hold the eye open, while you flush the affected eye gently with Heal-at-home eye flush.
- flushing can be repeated 3-4 times per day to maintain comfort, remove the debris, or until the inciting condition is no longer visible.
- wipe the excess flush away from the area around the eye, do not wipe the eye itself.
- given gentle nature, no rinsing is necessary.
- for tear staining, apply liberally to the affected area and wipe with a gentle wash cloth (alternatively apply liberally to cloth and wipe the affected area).
- continue to wipe gently until staining or mucus is gone or greatly reduced.
- repeat 2 times per day until fur discoloration has returned to normal.
- use for severely damaged corneas should be under veterinary supervision.

Heal-at-home Ear Care+ - ear cleaning:
- shake well before use. hold the tip of the ear and spray product into the ear canal, filling it completely.
- put the bottle down and massage the vertical ear canal (the firm structure leading from the ear opening to the floor approximately 1-3 cm).
- you may notice debris coming up out of the ear opening. step back and let your pet shake their head to remove the excess fluid and dislodged debris.
- clean the opening of the ear canal with a clean dry washcloth.
- repeat if there was a large amount of debris until the ear canal is clean.
- use several times a day as needed.

Heal-at-home Ear Care+ - facial fold cleaning:
- shake well before use. spray product to saturate the area of skin and fur where there is a yeast like (bad) smell or yellow orange discoloration.
- wipe area clean with a clean washcloth.
- alternatively, you can saturate a clean washcloth with heal-at-home ear care+ and use moistened washcloth to clean the affected area.
- repeat as needed.
- for significantly affected areas, we recommend daily cleansing for 5 days, then use as needed.
for very inflamed areas (red and tender, typically with some hair loss), be gentle when wiping to prevent removal of external layers of skin or causing sore.
- when cleaning areas that are infected due to poor air circulation like skin folds, we recommend drying the areas very well after to prevent regrowth of yeast, fungi and bacteria.

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