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Heal-at-home wound gel

From post-playdate scrapes to skin infections, our Heal-at-Home Wound Gel brings instant relief to your pet. Our formula works not only to soothe but to cleanse and remove germs from your pet’s wound so they can heal faster, snuggle sooner, and get back to being the healthiest, happiest pet on the block.

🐾 pet medicine cabinet must-have
🐾 non-toxic and lick safe
🐾 antimicrobial
🐾 non-irritating and no sting
🐾 made for cats and dogs

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From an accident at home to a dog park visit gone wrong, no pet household should be without Heal-at-Home Wound Gel. Our formula includes dilute hypochlorous acid hydrogel—a fancy way of saying a low concentrate, topical treatment. Hypochlorous acid naturally supports your pet’s immune system by stimulating collagen production helping them heal faster with less potential for infection or scarring. Its antimicrobial properties kill a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and likely anything else your furry friend might’ve gotten into.  Most importantly and unlike alternative antiseptics and antibiotics, our wound gel is non-toxic, which means lick-safe and can be used as often as needed. This works wonders for all snugglers—both dogs and cats.


Ionized water, sodium chloride, hypochlorous acid 0.02%, hypochlorite ion


4 oz


Is my pet safe if they lick the Heat-at-Home Gel once it’s applied?
Heat-at-Home Gel is non-toxic and safe for your pet to ingest should they give a few curious licks. Our formula is low concentrate and each administered dose is too small to cause any harm to your pet. We only recommend an Elizabethian collar after gel application so that the gel can work its magic and heal your pet as fast as possible.

Is Heal-at-Home Wound Gel safe for the environment?
Heal-at-Home Wound Gel is biodegradable and an environmentally safe solution. Once deactivated, it turns into saline.

What types of wounds can be treated with Heal-at-Home Wound Gel?
Acute and chronic wounds

Partial and full-thickness wounds

Stage I-IV pressure injuries

Pre and post-surgical procedures


Urine and fecal scalding

Hot spots

Trauma wounds

1st and 2nd degree burns

Abrasions and minor irritations of the skin

Usage instructions

Using hair clippers, remove any hair from the wound area. This is an important step especially if your pet is a fluffy one, as hair can trap debris and allow bacteria to grow.

Saturate the irritated area with Dr. Cuddles Heal-at-Home Wound Gel.

If dressing is required, saturate the wound with Dr. Cuddles Heal-at-Home Wound Gel first, then apply the dressing directly over the wound. Be sure the dressing is applied with its edges extending beyond the wound margins to keep the area clean and covered. Repeat these steps as needed, applying 1-5 times daily for effective wound management.

Recommended Dosage:

1-2 sprays applied topically to the skin 3-4 times per day until the affected area/wound improves (rinsing isn’t necessary—let all the healing goodness soak into your pet’s skin).

Helpful Tips and Things to Note:

We recommend an Elizabethan collar (i.e. cone of shame) to prevent excessive licking. While our gel is safe to ingest, this would remove the gel and slow the healing process.

Our solution won’t irritate your pet. It’s safe for use around the mouth, nose, ears and eyes.

Safe for use on pets of any size, any age.

If there is significant dead tissue or debris, we recommend seeing a veterinarian for a professional cleaning as high amounts of dead tissue and debris can deactivate all hypochlorous acid.

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