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Heal-at-home wound gel

From post-playdate scrapes to skin infections, our Heal-at-Home Wound Gel brings instant relief to your pet. Our formula works not only to soothe but to cleanse and remove germs from your pet’s wound so they can heal faster, snuggle sooner, and get back to being the healthiest, happiest pet on the block.

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From an accident at home to a dog park visit gone wrong, no pet household should be without Heal-at-Home Wound Gel. Our formula includes dilute hypochlorous acid hydrogel—a fancy way of saying a low concentrate, topical treatment. Hypochlorous acid naturally supports your pet’s immune system by stimulating collagen production helping them heal faster with less potential for infection or scarring. Its antimicrobial properties kill a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and likely anything else your furry friend might’ve gotten into.  Most importantly and unlike alternative antiseptics and antibiotics, our wound gel is non-toxic, which means lick-safe and can be used as often as needed. This works wonders for all snugglers—both dogs and cats.


Ionized water, sodium chloride, hypochlorous acid 0.02%, hypochlorite ion


4 oz

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