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Wholesale ReadyRESCUE™

first-response emergency at home detoxifier

Crafted for dogs and cats, ReadyRESCUE™ is the lifesaving solution that swoops in to save the day when curiosity leads to unsolicited munching on common household dangers. our activated carbon spheres work to absorb toxins before your pet’s body does, reducing the severity of clinical signs that typically come with intoxication. ReadyRESCUE™ is your at-home emergency aid, buying critical time for your pet before needing to visit your vet and delivering peace of mind when you need it most.

🐾 lifesaving emergency essential
🐾 for chocolate, grapes, recreational drugs and more
🐾 veterinary grade
🐾 easy to use
🐾 5 year shelf life

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ReadyRESCUE™ is a life-saving oral detox solution specifically designed for our furry friends who have a knack for nibbling on things they shouldn’t. Utilizing activated carbon spheres, this home emergency aid swoops in to save the day by quickly binding a wide array of organic toxins before they wreak havoc in our pet’s bodies. Simple to administer by mixing with food, water, or a generous dollop of peanut butter if you really want to make that tail wag.  

Even if you aren’t sure what your pet ingested, if anything, ReadyRESCUE™ is still safe to give to your pet. It will work to absorb toxins (5 times more powerfully than other activated charcoals) if it has to, and if not, it will pass through your pet’s GI tract without harm. ReadyRESCUE™ is a must-have in all pet households, delivering peace of mind to pet owners and ensuring the well-being of our 4-legged family members.

Key Claims

• High Efficacy: ReadyRESCUE™ is designed with activated carbon spheres, providing 5 times the absorptive power, by volume, of other activated charcoals currently used by veterinary professionals.

• Broad-Spectrum Detoxification: It can neutralize a wide range of organic toxins ingested by dogs and cats, thus providing a broad-spectrum oral detoxification solution.

• Rapid Action: When administered immediately after suspected ingestion of a toxicant, ReadyRESCUE™ can quickly reduce the severity of clinical signs associated with most intoxication.

• Safe for Regular Use: Its administration is safe even in cases where poisoning is not confirmed. No adverse effects are expected from overdosing should you give more than indicated. ReadyRESCUE™ passes through the GI tract intact, causing no harm to your pet.

• Easy Administration: ReadyRESCUE™ can be easily mixed with pet food, drinking water, or a palatable pet favorite like peanut butter, making it simple and convenient for pet owners to use.

• Emergency Essential: It's an invaluable aid in emergency situations of accidental poison ingestion, providing timely relief and protection for your pets.

• Recommended Dosages: Dosage guidelines are provided based on the weight of the animal, ensuring the right amount is administered for optimal results.

• Convenient Packaging: ReadyRESCUE™ comes in 30g glass vials, making it easy to store and administer.


Activated carbon spheres (99.9% pure carbon).


Three 30 gram vials per package, each treating 30lbs of animals (for a total of 90 lbs per box).

Usage instructions

When to Use:
Use ReadyRESCUE™ immediately if you suspect your pet has ingested a potentially toxic substance. It's designed to neutralize a broad spectrum of organic toxins. When in doubt, it's better to administer ReadyRESCUE™™, as it's safe to use even if poisoning didn't occur.

How to Use:
Identify Your Pet's Weight: This will determine the amount of ReadyRESCUE™ required.
Measure the Dose: For pets 15 lbs or less, use ½ vial. For pets between 16-30 lbs, use 1 vial. For pets between 31-60 lbs, use 2 vials. For pets between 61-90 lbs, use 3 vials. For pets above 91 lbs, use 5 vials.
Mix ReadyRESCUE™: Combine the required amount of ReadyRESCUE™ with a small amount of pet food, drinking water, or a palatable substitute like peanut butter. Ensure the mixture is well-blended.
Administer ReadyRESCUE™: Feed your pet the mixture, making sure they consume the entire dose.

What to Do After Using:
Monitor Your Pet: Keep a close eye on your pet's behavior and physical symptoms.
Contact Your Vet or pet poisoning resource: Inform your vet immediately, providing all details about the suspected poisoning and ReadyRESCUE™ administration. Include details like the type and amount of poison consumed, the time it was consumed, and the amount and time of ReadyRESCUE™ treatment.
Collect a Sample:** If possible, collect a sample of what your pet ingested. This can assist your vet in determining the best course of action.

ReadyRESCUE™ explainer


act fast

immediately administer if ingestion of a toxic substance is suspected > ReadyRESCUE™ is safe even if you determine your pet did not eat anything toxic!



give the amount of ReadyRESCUE™ that corresponds to the weight of your pet with a small amount of water, pet food or a palatable treat like peanut butter. make sure your pet consumes all of the ReadyRESCUE™


investigate toxin

investigate the ingestion further to determine if your pet ate something toxic.


follow up

if you determine your pet did consume something toxic, contact poison control or your vet to determine if additional care is necessary

rapid response:

ReadyRESCUE™ works fast
to counteract any harmful
substance during those
critical moment after your
pet ingests something

peace of mind:

ReadyRESCUE™ is safe to
administer for all those
“just in case” moments,
providing you with the
kind of peace of mind you
can’t put a price on.

broad-spectrum detox:

from chocolates to medications, ReadyRESCUE™ combats a wide array of common household toxins that pets might accidentally consume.

veterinary-grade formula at home:

this charcoal technology was crafted by Dr. Cuddles founder, a veterinary surgeon, to create a solution that’s even stronger than hospital-grade detoxifiers.

prevention > cure:

the cost of a vet visit without the prior use of ReadyRESCUE™ could be more than double. preventing poison absorption before it wreaks havoc is much more affordable than treating it.

safe, even in cases where no intoxication occurred:

  • completely safe for ‘what if’ situations
  • 99.9% pure
  • made from 95% carbon
  • non-toxic
  • veterinary crafted
  • hospital grade

ReadyRESCUEin action:

I have two Yorkies - one full sized (named Monster) and the other a teacup (named Bunny). Bunny is about ⅓ the size of her brother.

On Sunday night, I was giving Monster his prescription medication for a yeast issue. Monster was prescribed a pretty potent oral antifungal medication.

As always, I administered his prescribed medication inside of a tasty treat which he ate far too quickly. So quickly, that he vomited it back up. Nearly instantaneously, his tiny sister swooped in to eat up the treat and medication. Because of her size, I started to panic about stomach or intestinal issues from the drug.

Luckily, I remembered I now had ReadyRESCUE on hand! I administered 1/2 of the tube in her canned food and she ate all of it very enthusiastically.

I was happy to think that the carbon spheres would prevent any of the medication from being absorbed and that it would prevent her from getting sick from being such a little pig!

- Dr. Mike Dugan, DVM

Hydrogen Peroxide
minutes to start working
1-2 mins
15 mins
impact on pet
how it works
binds toxins after eaten preventing absorption
irritates stomach lining to induce vomiting
nearly 100%
60% successful vomiting bringing up only 45% of toxin
pet discomfort
0 mins of added discomfort
45 mins of added discomfort
potential complications
esophageal burns and stricture; aspiration pneumonia; failure to remove toxin
humane approach

read more about the supporting research behind ReadyRESCUE™

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ReadyRESCUE™ is a pet-friendly, activated carbon sphere solution designed to prevent absorption by the body of toxins that have been ingested. if your pet is suspected to have ingested a potentially harmful substance, and is not exhibiting clinical signs, administer ReadyRESCUE™ immediately.

ReadyRESCUE™ is effective on a broad-spectrum of common household toxins like chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, moldy food, household plants, ibuprofen, human medications, over-the-counter medications, THC and recreational drugs, cleaning supplies, rodenticides, insecticides, herbicides and more.

yes, ReadyRESCUE™ shouldn't be administered if the toxin doesn't bind to activated charcoal (e.g., if it is an alcohol) or if your pet's condition contradicts its use, such as with loss of consciousness, GI obstruction, or compromised airway. always consult a vet or poison control center if you have questions.
Toxins that are poorly bound by ReadyRESCUE™ include: alcohols, heavy metals, xylitol, ethylene glycol (antifreeze), salt toxicosis, corrosive substances (bleach, drain cleaner, detergents, battery acids, rust removers), hydrocarbons (turpentine, gasoline, motor oil, paint thinner, etc), electrolytes, organophosphate insecticides and certain pharmaceuticals (e.g., antipsychotic and the antidepressant bupropion)

signs of intoxication vary greatly based on the substance that is ingested. they can include: seizures, sleepiness, loss of consciousness, vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, acting drunk or inappropriately, and bruising or bleeding.

both ReadyRESCUE™ and AC serve the same purpose - to bind to toxins preventing absorption by your pet's body. ReadyRESCUE™, however, is 6x more effective by volume and is optimized for easier administration at home without the mess and without the potential of stopping up the GI tract.

determine the dosage based on your pet's weight directed on packaging. mix the required amount of ReadyRESCUE™ with pet food, water, or a palatable substitute and make sure your pet consumes it all.

monitor your pet closely and immediately contact your vet or a poison control group for additional guidance - providing all details about the suspected poisoning and treatment. if possible, collect a sample of the ingested substance or the box for your vet, as this can help confirm the active ingredient and the concentration - both of which are needed to determine whether your pet is still in danger.

while it's most effective immediately after ingestion, ReadyRESCUE™ can still be beneficial up to 6 hours post-ingestion, especially with extended-release toxicants or those undergoing enterohepatic recirculation.

in certain situations like continuous absorption, massive intoxications, or with slow-release toxicants, multidose administration may be recommended. however, consult your vet to determine the appropriate regimen.

ReadyRESCUE™ is formulated specifically for pets, and while activated charcoal is generally safe, it should not be given to children unless under medical supervision. if your child accidentally ingests ReadyRESCUE™, consult a healthcare professional immediately.

if your child ingests ReadyRESCUE™, contact a healthcare professional or poison control center immediately. although activated charcoal is not typically harmful, medical advice is necessary to ensure your child's safety.

ReadyRESCUE™ packaging includes a dosage chart based on your pet's weight. ensure you've given the correct amount according to this chart. if your pet's condition doesn't improve, or if it worsens, contact your vet or a poison control center immediately. this dosing chart can also be viewed in the imagery above.

ReadyRESCUE™ is safe up to 4x the normal dose. after this, your pet could experience some gastrointestinal upset or distress. if you observe any abnormal behavior, immediately contact your vet or an animal poison control center.

if your pet refuses to ingest ReadyRESCUE™ when mixed with food or water, you could try mixing it with a favorite treat or a palatable substitute. if your pet still refuses, contact your vet immediately for advice.

as it is ideal to administer ReadyRESCUE™ before your pet is acting abnormally, it will be difficult to recognize whether it “worked”. if your pet does not exhibit any long-term effects of the toxin, with or without veterinary treatment, then our goal was achieved. remember, due to the variability of toxins and their effects, it's always recommended to consult with your vet or a poison control center even after administering ReadyRESCUE™.

even if your pet appears to be better after administering ReadyRESCUE™, it's still essential to get them evaluated by a vet. always contact your vet so they can provide a comprehensive assessment and ensure no further treatment is necessary.

if you discover that your pet didn't ingest a toxin after administering ReadyRESCUE™, you are completely safe! no additional steps are required.

once the toxin binds to the activated charcoal in ReadyRESCUE™, it is unable to be absorbed into your pets blood stream by your pet's body. this carbon-toxin complex then travels through the gastrointestinal tract and is eventually eliminated in the feces.

yes, ReadyRESCUE™ is suitable for use in cats, as well as dogs. cats can be a little more finicky than dogs, so you may have to get creative with what you add to the carbon to get them to eat it. as with all pets, be sure to follow the provided dosage chart according to your pet's weight.

historically activated charcoal is created through pyrolysis (setting fire to) organic compounds (like coconut fibers or other organic compounds) creating a carbon rich char (ashes), that are then activated with oxidizing gasses - this creates a mixture of small and large carbon particles that are typically powdered and super messy. our activated carbon is a synthetic activated charcoal that is made to remove the mess from activated charcoal and to improve the uniformity of the molecules. as a result, it is more dense than traditional powdered charcoal, it is clean (because the molecular size is uniform and larger than those that get stuck in irregular surfaces) and it is tasteless. we call our activated carbon/charcoal advanced to differentiate it from the traditional charcoal. because our activated charcoal is clean, dense (6x more dense than the most common charcoal used in hospitals today) and tasteless, it is easy to administer consistently at home (less volume, and no mess). additionally, it has an increased purity and has a shelf life that is 3x many traditional activated charcoals.

the FDA does not officially regulate medical devices, which is ReadyRESCUE™ classification since it does not alter the internal functions of the body, but merely passes through toxins in tow. that being said, ReadyRESCUE™ was crafted following all rules and recommendations of the FDA by our CEO, a board certified veterinary surgeon, and our veterinary advisors, including a board certified anesthesia & critical care veterinary specialist and a board certified internal medicine doctor with a masters in toxicology & pharmacology. rest assured there is ample medical rationale and expertise behind our products that make them safe and effective for your pets.

although hydrogen peroxide is a common method for inducing vomiting when an animal has ingested a toxin, our veterinary specialist advisory panel does not recommend this method over ReadyRESCUE™. immediate activated charcoal administration has been shown to be the most effective remedy for absorbing toxins quickly and safely before other methods advised by your veterinary team or poison hotline. 

in addition to putting animals at risk of aspiration pneumonia with vomiting, there is a lot of research that strongly suggests that inducing vomiting does not prevent toxin absorption, because it is inconsistently effective:

  •  Khan et al (2012) showed that vomiting induced by hydrogen peroxide only produced the toxicant in 60% of cases. and when it did work, it only produced on average 45% of the toxicant, leaving 55% to be absorbed by the body. 
  • two separate studies performed by Abdallah Tye et al (1967) and Tandberg and Murphy (1989) showed that when apomorphine ( a more effective vomiting agent used in hospitals) was used to make animals vomit, the experimental toxicant (a barium tracer) was only recovered in 54% and 47% of animals.
  • the lack of efficacy of vomiting for consistently producing toxin from stomachs was also found in humans where apomorphine and syrup of ipecac only produced toxicants in the vomit of 31 and 28% of children respectively.

when evaluating the literature, inducing vomiting is not as effective as administering activated charcoal at home, prior to seeking veterinary care.

ReadyRESCUE™ 's creation and medical rationale has been overseen by our founder and board certified veterinary surgeon, Dr. Mat Glassman. in addition to his expertise and credentials, the ReadyRESCUE™ product development has been guided by our Dr. Cuddles advisors, Dr. Benjamin Brainard (Veterinary Board Certifications in Anesthesia and Emergency and Critical Care) and Dr. JD Foster (Masters in Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Veterinary Board Certification in Internal Medicine, including Nephrology, Urology and Dialysis). ReadyRESCUE™ has been tested with common intoxicants and found to be equally effective to activated charcoal and Toxiban (the most common in hospital activated charcoal) by weight. ReadyRESCUE™ was also tested in house and by a third party for impurities. 

the active ingredient in ReadyRESCUE™ has been used in dialysis tubing to purify blood and remove toxins in patients that have poisons and toxins already absorbed by the body. as a result the level of scrutiny and purity of this product is leaps and bounds above a typical oral activated charcoal.

ReadyRESCUE™ ’s creation and medical rationale has been overseen by our founder and board certified veterinary surgeon, Dr. Mat Glassman. in addition to his expertise and credentials, the ReadyRESCUE™ product development has been guided by our Dr. Cuddles veterinary advisors, Dr. Benjamin Brainard (Veterinary Board Certifications in Anesthesia and Emergency and Critical Care) and Dr. JD Foster (Masters in Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Veterinary Board Certification in Internal Medicine, including Nephrology, Urology and Dialysis). 

ReadyRESCUE™ is supported by 50+ years of activated charcoal research in both human and animal medicine. there is so much research that there are multiple text books written about activated charcoal for medicinal purposes. ReadyRESCUE™ is a synthetic and more advanced form of activated charcoal, that is cleaner, more dense, and without additional ingredients which make it easy to administer, and incredibly safe to use.

we do not recommend making you pet vomit prior to ReadyRESCUE™ administration for several reasons: 

  • first, ReadyRESCUE™ needs to be in your pets stomach ASAP to bind the toxin and prevent adsorption. vomiting takes 5-15 minutes to initiate and lasts for 45 minutes. if you were to delay ReadyRESCUE™ administration by 1 hour there could be a fair amount of toxin absorption by the body during that time. 
  • second, vomiting is an inconsistent mode of stomach decontamination- it only works 60% of the time (to remove any toxin) and when it does work, it only removes on average 45% of the toxin. that means that 40% of the time, it does not work at all, and 60% of the time, it leaves 55% of the toxin in the body to be absorbed. ReadyRESCUE™, on the other hand, takes 2-5 minutes for a pet to eat, begins working immediately, and works in the stomach and the intestines. 
  • third, there are many side effects of making an animal vomit, including pneumonia, esophageal burns and generally making them feel like they have food poisoning for as much as an hour. ReadyRESCUE™ does not have any of these negative side effects.

unlike other traditional activated charcoals, ReadyRESCUE is incredibly clean and made from pure carbon, excluding the primary ingredient (sorbitol) that can cause imbalanced sodium levels. 

activated charcoal products containing sorbitol should be used under the direction of a veterinarian due to the cathartic activity that can result in dehydration and hypernatremia. luckily, since ReadyRESCUE™ excludes sorbitol and other additives, at-home administration is safe & easy. head to our blog to learn more about what sets ReadyRESCUE™ apart from traditional activated charcoals.

the effectiveness of ReadyRESCUE™ for animals in cases of xylitol ingestion is complex. generally, xylitol is absorbed very quickly by the body, and substances like ReadyRESCUE™ might not be able to prevent this absorption effectively. When xylitol is ingested as part of a gummy substance, the xylitol leaches out more slowly, giving ReadyRESCUE™ a chance to reduce its absorption into the body. although the rapid absorption of xylitol will generally make ReadyRESCUE™ a less effective intervention tool, using it immediately after ingestion could still potentially offer some benefit without causing harm.

pets drinking salt water can be very dangerous and can lead to severe hypernatremia (high sodium in the blood), resulting in seizures. ReadyRESCUE™ would not be ideal for salt intoxication because the salt ions are too small for the carbon to bind.

the best thing to do is to prevent your pet from drinking salt water, but in case they sneak in a few licks, it’s helpful to know how much saltwater is harmful for your pet. buckle up for a bit of math!

for a 40lb dog, clinical signs of salt intoxication are seen with 2 pints of salt water ingestion (0.25 gallons). 4 pints for the same dog (half a gallon) can be fatal. dogs drink roughly 300ml a minute, so after about 3.3 minutes of drinking salt water a 40lb dog would drink enough water to experience toxicity- 6.6 minutes of drinking would be fatal. with a bit of research, you can decipher what amount is harmful for your pet- a prepared pet parent = a happy and healthy pet! 

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