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Wholesale The #1 bag for #2

Dog poop bags that leave no trace of poop, plastic, or pee-yoo behind. We care about the environment as much as we care about our pups, and that means keeping it clean, chemical-free, and safe for everyone to fetch just about anywhere. The poop bag experts told us these are thick and made of the most environmentally-friendly material available (PLA+PBAT+Corn starch), which makes it 100% home compostable, non-toxic, and low-carbon.

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Dr. Cuddles’ #1 bag for #2 are the no-guilt, eco-friendly solution to clean up after your furry friend! Each box includes 150 bags (10 rolls, 15 bags per roll), each measuring 9”x13” inches. These bags are made from PLA+PBAT+Corn starch, ensuring they’re 100% compostable, non-toxic, and low-carbon. The are thick and 100% home compostable. Say goodbye to plastic traces after 90 days and all doggie doo-doo after 1 year. Our biodegradable dispenser with a carabiner hook makes accessibility a breeze. Unscented for sensitive pups, free of polyethylene and EPI or OXO additives, these bags make it easy to be a great neighbor and an even better pet parent.


Biodegradable PLA (Poly lactic acid), PBAT (polybutylene adipate terephthalate), and corn starch.


150 bags (10 rolls, 15 bags per roll)
Each bag measures 9" x 13"
Includes biodegradable dispenser with carabiner hook


Are you bags home compostable?
Yes, our bags are 100% home compostable.

What else can I use my bags for?
Our bags are amazing for all kinds of pet waste or even when you're cleaning out the kitty litter box. Dr. Cuddles' #1 bag for #2 are versatile and can be used for disposing of eco-friendly baby diapers, lining portable toilets and potties, and even for compost bins and buckets for food waste. So, not only are you being responsible pet parent, but you're being a responsible global citizen too!

Usage instructions

1. Put the bag over your hand: Hold the bag with one hand and use the other hand to open it up. Then put your hand inside the bag, making sure that it covers your entire hand.
2. Pick up the waste: Use your covered hand to pick up the waste (make sure to grab all of it so you don't leave anything behind!)
3. Turn the bag inside out: Once you have picked up the waste, carefully pull the bag off your hand. Use the top of the bag to wrap around the poop, and then tie it off to keep it closed.
4. Dispose of the bag: Once the waste is securely tied up in the bag, dispose of it in a designated garbage can or compost bin.

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